Trade (Producers, Trade Organizations, Importers and Retailers)

For trade clients, including producers, trade organizations, importers and retailers, I write copy for print and digital catalogs, websites, e-newsletters and educational content. Technical or anecdotal, my writing must be compelling for clients and their customers, and the information should convey how work in the vineyard, winery and cellar ends up in the bottle. Serious, non-biased information on vineyard work and cellar practices is extremely important for the trade. Aside from listing technical specifications, it’s useful to explain how fermentation in stainless steel tank shapes the style and character of a wine versus fermenting in oak or concrete. Every wine is the product of a series of decisions in the vineyard, cuverie and cellar. Writing that illustrates the methods utilized is a useful selling tool for the trade, and I’ve created a wealth of content for importers Moët Hennessy, Frederick Wildman & Sons, Kobrand and Olé Imports.



I’ve written for numerous mainstream- and wine-oriented media outlets, and profiled many producers and regions. I strive to help consumers understand how different choices made during the process of wine growing and winemaking can affect the wine and its style. I also include a clear sense of what the people in the winery—very often a family many generations old—value. The most powerful customer connections come from stories about people, a family history, or several generations, who have evolved within the context of a place. Nothing sells wine like a good story that’s truthful.

In addition to writing, I help clients create and manage their wine collections, and I lead successful tastings, dinners and events.



I was Technical Advisor on a DVD produced by the Vibrant Rioja campaign in the U.S. for the Culinary Institute of America. The Rioja CRDOCa (Consejo Regulador), the governing body of the wine region, has distributed this disk in over twenty countries. While at Frederick Wildman & Sons, I produced marketing videos for Champagne Pol Roger wherein Christian Pol-Roger tells the story of his family’s legendary house, their range of Champagnes and Pol Roger’s connection to Sir Winston Churchill. These videos were distributed to Wildman’s national import sales managers and distributor reps across the U.S.


Classes, Tastings and Lectures

I have taught classes, tastings and lectures to trade and consumer audiences of 10-120 attendees. These events are typically part education and part marketing, with the goal that either a trade or consumer audience will take away better knowledge on which to base informed buying decisions, and to hopefully incorporate wine and spirits into a healthy lifestyle. Wine is a topic that I’m passionate about, so one goal I have when presenting to any group is to make the event fun as well as informative.


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